A Review of the 10 Best Shoes for Zumba

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Choosing a good workout shoe for Zumba is very important to avoid injury and ensure you enjoy the most out of your Zumba experience.

The wrong shoe can cause injury, soreness, and even ruin the enjoyment of Zumba for you.

Here’s what I looked for when finding the best Zumba shoes:

  • Good traction, to help you not slip on the dance floor
  • Good arch support for the forefoot, to prevent pain on the ball of the feet
  • Good lateral support, to support the ankle
  • A cushioned heel, to help rebound off the heal
  • An overall good support level, as Zumba involves a lot of movement
  • A lightweight shoe, so it doesn’t slow you down
  • A well-cushioned sole, to provide comfort
PUMA Women's Fierce Core Cross-Trainer ShoeBest OverallPUMA Women's Fierce Core Cross-Trainer Shoe
Bloch Dance Women's Criss Cross Split Sole Mesh Dance SneakerBudget PickBloch Dance Women's Criss Cross Split Sole Mesh Dance Sneaker
Capezio Women's DS24 Rockit Dance SneakerUpgrade PickCapezio Women's DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker

1. PUMA Women's Fierce Core Cross-Trainer Shoe

Our rating: 9 / 10

PUMA Women's Fierce Core Cross-Trainer Shoe

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  • Ideal for the Zumba enthusiast
  • Extra-easy instep
  • Reinforced toe protection
  • Designed for lateral movement
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Breathable
  • Removable foam insole
  • Perfect combination of comfort and support
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Stacked heel for added stability


  • Some users felt they ran a little wide
  • Might not provide as much support on the footbed as some other brands

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that provide what it take for high impact movements while also promoting an active, healthy lifestyle, you will love the PUMA Women’s Fierce Core Cross-Trainers. This shoe provides everything that a leading fitness instructor recommends, and gives each wearer total freedom of movement. That is the type of synergy that everyone wants from a shoe that is promoted as being the best shoe for zumba.

What We Liked About This Product:

One of the most important features that we loved about these shoes is the comfort and support that they provide. You can wear these shoes for long periods of time to facilitate your workout, and you will still feel supported. This helps to prevent foot, ankle, and leg problems.

2. Zumba Women's Zumba Fly Fade Dance Sneaker

Our rating: 8 / 10

Zumba Women's Zumba Fly Fade Dance Sneaker

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3. Bloch Dance Women's Criss Cross Split Sole Mesh Dance Sneaker

Our rating: 8 / 10

Bloch Dance Women's Criss Cross Split Sole Mesh Dance Sneaker

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  • Great price
  • Very flexible
  • Breathable mesh and textile upper
  • Removable cushioned insole
  • Reinforced, flexible outsole


  • Narrow design
  • Run small

Bloch Dance has created a comfortable and flexible pair of dance shoes that you'll love to wear both on and off the dance floor.

These Bloch Dance split-sole shoes are made with comfort and flexibility in mind. The sensi-tex split sole features a micro-fiber mesh that works with your foot, especially the toes, to provide support and reduce fatigue.

The flexible outsole is made with rubber for stick and traction, but to also offer shock resistance when twisting or pivoting. It's also not only flexible, but reinforced and comes with a recessed heel and a more pronated groove for better support as you move.

4. Capezio Women's DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker

Our rating: 8 / 10

Capezio Women's DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker

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  • Great shoe for beginners
  • Can be worn for performance, training, and comp
  • Can be worn on the street with no issues


  • Not the most flexible
  • Some reports of the front or the toes being too narrow

If you are just starting out with Zumba but are looking for a good shoe, this is a great choice. It's a lightweight shoe that actually fits quite well. It's wide enough to avoid extra stress on your arches, and they don't hurt my feet. They feel a little rubbery on the top of the foot, but I think they do a great job of stretching with your feet over time. For a beginning Zumba student, a shoe that has some flexibility is a plus.

You'll have no issues with them in a studio and they can easily be worn for performance and even competitions. The sizing chart is accurate; run a half size big, which is true for most dance shoes.

It's a good all-purpose shoe, not the most comfortable or the most flexible for serious and competitive Zumba students. It's a good shoe for beginners and for people who want a show that will hold up well to walking, and you won't have to take off to get from class to class.

5. RYKA Women's Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe

Our rating: 7 / 10

RYKA Women's Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe

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  • Ideal for Zumba
  • Lightweight
  • Budget Friendly
  • Reinforced arch
  • Slip-resistant outsole


  • Thin tongue
  • Low cushioning

The most important criteria for good Zumba shoes are that they are comfortable and supportive, have a slip-resistant sole, and offer a good grip. The RYKA Women’s Tenacity Cross-Trainer Shoe fits these criteria perfectly.

The shoe has a mesh upper with synthetic overlays for extra support. It has a padded collar and tongue giving extra comfort to your feet. The shoes do not have insoles, but the sturdy rounded vibram outsole adds to their comfort.

The RYKA shoe is slip-resistant in order to prevent you from slipping and ending up on your butt in the middle of a class. The midsole guarantees you have better shock absorption and the outsole is flexible and lightweight.

6. RYKA Women's INFLUENCE2.5 Cross-Trainer Shoe

Our rating: 7 / 10

RYKA Women's INFLUENCE2.5 Cross-Trainer Shoe

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The best shoes for Zumba come from a brand that’s famous for designing some of the best fitness and dance shoes on the market. The Ryka Inpulnce 2.5 is extremely flexible and good at reducing pain caused by plantar fasciitis thanks to its ergonomically engineered sole.

It has plenty of support and cushioning that makes your feet feel safer as if they’re being hugged around the clock. Unlike other shoes, the Ryka Inpulnce 2.5 never feels clumsy or gets in your way no matter how fast or slow you move.

With a Velvetex footbed and a dual-compound midsole, your feet remain comfortable for extended periods without having to take a break to get that irritating pain under control.

7. Reebok Women's Hayasu Track Shoe

Our rating: 4 / 10

Reebok Women's Hayasu Track Shoe

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  • Sleek, low-cut design
  • Comfortable and cushioned
  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • Has a rubber sole for stability
  • Stylish look
  • Breathable mesh top and side panels
  • Squat proof
  • Comes with a zipper for easy on/off
  • Comes with a Reebok lifetime guarantee


  • Can be too low-cut for some users
  • Can be hot to wear during long sessions
  • Sizing runs big
  • Soles can wear quickly
  • Not good for beginners

One of my favorite brands when it comes to dance shoes is Reebok, and this is one of their most popular models. The Hayasu is a sleek low-cut shoe that is perfect for Zumba or other dance-based exercise programs.

With a rubber sole, squishy fabric with excellent arch support, a padded tongue, and heel cups, these shoes will help you have a great workout without causing any pain, blisters, or slip-and-fall accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of shoe is best for Zumba?

It is difficult to generalize, however, you can expect a good Zumba shoe to be light, flexible, and durable. Such features are key to maintaining traction on various surfaces, especially during cross-body moves common in Zumba.

A variety of shoes use these features. Two of the most common are ballet flats and flip-flops. The flats usually consist of soft rubber soles, thin fabric, and little else. They also provide easy slip-on and are extremely easy to move around in. The flip-flop is approved by top choreographers and makes for a great all-around Zumba shoe.

Do you need special shoes for Zumba?

When you think about Zumba, you probably think of wearing gym shorts or sweatpants and a tee shirt. Why hasn’t anyone thought of designing Zumba shoes? Well, the truth is that many of the Zumba manufacturers do have special shoes which are designed specifically for Zumba. But, not all of them are created equal and someone who actually does Zumba may be able to offer you some advice on what makes a good Zumba shoe!

To truly tell you what the best Zumba shoes look like will require in depth research into all the brands. However, I can recommend a few of the best shoes in each of the main groups: the toe shoes, the general sports shoes, and the special Zumba shoes.

Which shoes are best for dance?

Depending on the type of dance you practice, your shoes need will vary. If you practice ballroom dancing or ballet, you’ll need elegant, soft, and supple shoes as you wouldn’t want to damage the floor with harsh soles.

If you’re a fan of jazz or hip-hop, then you’ll need shoes with a grippy grip on the bottom so you can really break a sweat in the pit of the club. Depending on the shoes you’ll need, the best dance shoe brands to look at would be Capezio, FitFlop, Tao Dance, and Danskin.

When shopping for dance shoes, you should also look for the following features:

  • Exclusive designs and bright colors
  • Lightweight and breathable soles

Can I wear running shoes for Zumba?

Most fitness watchdogs would laugh at the mere suggestion that you should wear running shoes for Zumba, but a lot of what you see on TV is really just for entertainment value. While it may look absolutely ridiculous to wear running shoes while working out, the reality is that you can do it if you want.

If you want to feel the good vibes on your feet that is.

There are several high-tech running shoes that Zumba practitioners wear today, and while it’s imperative that you heed the shoe recommendations of your instructor, some of which may require you to wear specific brands of shoes (especially when your instructor is a Zumba Fitness Instructor-Trained professional), you might be allowed to wear whatever you want.

The main reason why you can wear tennis shoes in Zumba is to feel the music better and have a good time.


Zumba shoes need not be an expensive expense. Factor in the cost of your time, potential suitability to your skill level, and additional accessories like grips, socks, and insoles, and you may find that your needs are more than covered by a much less expensive pair of all-purpose workout shoes. And you may find that as you learn new moves and grow in skill, you no longer need special shoes for Zumba at all. But for now, we believe the Adidas Cloudfoam DTre is the best workout shoe for Zumba, with incredible flexibility, breathability, comfort, and performance at a good price.

Our Recommendation

PUMA Women's Fierce Core Cross-Trainer ShoeBest OverallPUMA Women's Fierce Core Cross-Trainer Shoe
Bloch Dance Women's Criss Cross Split Sole Mesh Dance SneakerBudget PickBloch Dance Women's Criss Cross Split Sole Mesh Dance Sneaker
Capezio Women's DS24 Rockit Dance SneakerUpgrade PickCapezio Women's DS24 Rockit Dance Sneaker