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Now ANYONE Can Learn To Belly Dance Easily From Home! Go From Beginner To Expert With Over 50 Step-By-Step Videos With Private Coaching That Beats All Other Belly Dancing Classes!

Want to Learn Belly Dancing From a Radio Show Host?

Have you ever considered a career in belly dancing? Or are you just interested in learning belly dancing for fun? If so, you’re in luck because something brand new has just been released that could be ideal for you. Shira Gillese has released her first Belly Dancing website where you can learn belly dancing from a celebrated radio host and teacher. She is unequivocal in her belief that everyone can enjoy and learn belly dancing and that understanding how to belly dance is not a matter of luck.

The program that Shira offers is belly dance lessons online. She launched it just after her retirement from the morning show on Star 104.1. She wanted to give listeners a way to stay connected and have access to her talents. She has been teaching private belly dance lessons locally for over a decade. She also has a degree in dance performance and a training certificate in belly dance from the Middle Eastern Dance Academy. This makes Shira the best person to offer online belly dance lessons. Now everyone can enjoy her expertise which is why she launched this website.

From: The Desk of Mariella Monroe

Professional Belly Dancer & Certified Trainer

I magine being able to move your body with grace & confidence like a seasoned belly dancer easily and in a shortest time WITHOUT paying for expensive lessons or getting self-conscious in live classes.

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Now imagine getting all the above AND learning it from a teacher who has actually been there and done that!

Well, it’s all possible only because of Mariella Monroe”s revolutionary online belly dance course called the Belly Dance Blueprint.

Mariella is an international belly dancing phenomenon whose boudoir style belly dancing has won millions of hearts and acclaim throughout the world. She acts, looks and feels like a perfect belly dance diva and is now here with a most exciting and comprehensive online belly dance course for everyone.

So, don’t you want to learn the ins and outs of belly dance, have a sexy and confident figure, get the ultimate dance body and become a confident performer?

But you are the type that usually settles for just a few bits of information you come across online or in the hat around from others. You have probably also tried to learn several times but it ended up the same way: you couldn’t get the hang of it or got discouraged in the process.

The History of Belly Dancing

Belly dance is one of the most beautiful and elegant forms of dance, which originated in Africa, and now has different variations around the globe. Its name identifies perfectly with its style, which defines a highly coordinated motion which is intended to produce a sensuous, snakelike effect around the woman dancer’s abdominal muscles.

Although it’s possible its exact timeline and birthplace are still unknown, historians widely agree that this dance originated from the North of Nile, in the land of Egypt. Since sea trade with Europe and Africa was flourishing at the time, this dance style was originated among Arabic or Turkish nomads, just to continue distributing across the continent.

Its popularity gradually spread throughout the world, due to its steady incorporation in the Arabic, Egyptian and Turkish belly dance. Its appearance as an aesthetic form of female dance has been registered in almost every Mediterranean island, also including Greece, Crete, and Cyprus.

Recently however, it’s become so popular that it’s even considered a style of dance in its own right. It’s officially one of the most agile and complex dances out there, since it requires a lot of strength in the pelvic muscles, arms and legs, besides of a flexible upper body.

Belly Dance as Exercise

Belly dance is popular around the world, but it is especially prevalent in the Middle East, along the Mediterranean coast in Northern Africa and the countries surrounding the Indian Ocean. Belly dance is a classical Middle Eastern dance form consisting of a variety of regional dances that range from the conservative to the athletic, flavored with traces of the traditional Ottoman and Egyptian folk dances. These days, belly dance is also a modern dance form that is not just about flair and performance but also a form of cultural dance.

As a formal form of dance, belly dance is also a sport that requires skill, agility, coordination, stamina and balance. It puts the stomach, abdominals, arms, hips, legs and feet to work. Standard belly dance movements include hip movement (i.e., hip drops, hip circles, hip undulations), pelvic rolls, shimmies (i.e., up and down and side to side), head rolls, pelvic floor work, arm undulations, hand claps, finger snapping, walking, forward and backward leg advances and dips.

Since its inception, belly dance types have evolved to the point where we can now find individual belly dance styles. These styles also comprise an exercise style that can be easily adopted into your personal fitness activity, whether you practice it as an athletic single sport or incorporate it into an aerobics routine, a weight loss program or a yoga session.

How to Teach Yourself Belly Dancing

There are a few different ways that you can learn to belly dance. It depends on how much time you have, how much money and how far away you live from a belly dance class.

Another thing to consider is how fast you want to learn.

You can take private classes with an instructor. General recommendations are that you take at least one private class per week.

In the United States, most people can find a belly dance teacher in their local community. This option, however, requires a commitment of time and money. Don’t expect to be able to quit your day job while you’re taking classes. Even the most advanced dancers are still looking to take classes and have extra practices with their dance partners.

If you allow about 2-3 classes a week plus at least one practice session with your dance partner, you’ll have about 6 hours devoted to your practice each week.

This works out to about 2 hours per day, which may seem unmanageable for some people’s schedules. If you can’t make these types of time commitments, then at least try to get to a class or practice session once a week and work on putting in at least another 2-3 hours for dancing at home.

If time is not a constraint, you can take online belly dance lessons.

Belly Dance Schools

The easiest and most effective way to learn belly dancing online!

A dancer’s most important center, with the elbows flexed, the chest is brought forward and the arms thrown above the head. The thighs are now extended to the front, and the toes pointed.

Hip circles are performed by flexing the knee joint and the hips. A flat footed circle is the most balanced.

Belly dance schools online which teach primary and advanced belly dance moves and help explore and practice a variety of styles whether it’s traditional, free form, fusion, or modern.

Online dance teachers for belly dance help you learn the art form, whether it’s on your own or with a group of others.

Belly dance books are sometimes the best way to get started in belly dance. Once you learn some of the fundamental moves, you can use the book to learn the right mindset, how to perform, and how to troubleshoot your movements.

Belly dance costumes can range from very low cost and simple to very expensive and elaborate. You can even repurpose clothing into belly dance wear.

Belly dance gets its name from the belly dance costumes which call the belly of the dancer to the fore. These costumes are often decorated with beading and other ornaments adding to the belly dance mystique.